After we were finished with our Local Activities I phase, we were originally supposed to carry out an international seminar in Poland. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was impossible for us to travel and gather in large groups of people and some partners have not been able to finish all of the LAI yet due to restrictions.

Therefore, in order to continue advancing with the project, we created an online Training Course  (OTC)  that started yesterday (6th July 2020) with the participation of 15 sports professionals (trainers, coaches, animators, etc.) and/or other professionals of partner organizations in charge of Local Activities I (3 participants from each aprtner countries, thoroughly selected by each apartner organisation) and will continue until the end of the month, with the same learning objectives as the original International Seminar.

The main purpose of this OTC is to develop key competences of youth workers and sports professionals to promote gender equality and women empowerment through sports activities as educational tools for participation and social transformation

Learning objectives:

  • To improve key competences of participants of participants for their personal and professional development;
  • To provide participants new knowledge and skills for reflecting on parameters, behaviours and attitudes based on the patriarchal society;
  • To offer, exchange and create tools for working gender equity through sport;
  • To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge, good practices and competences among Programme Countries.

Stay tuned to read more about the final evaluation of the OTC when it is finished!

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