After our transnational coordination meeting in Dublin, Ireland, every partner organisation started preparing the first phase of local activities to be carried out in each country. The first activity in the agenda was an Analysis of the situation of women and sport at 2 leves: society and sports, where every partner researched and analysed in depth  about legislation, practice, statistics, roles, participation, etc.

Then we moved on the identification of existing good practices at local level where sport is used as a tool for gender equity and women empowerment.

As part of the local activities I phase, we also had to hold Meetings with “high-level” stakeholders in each country, with the purpose od visibilising the project and analysing the role of sport as a tool for women empowerment and gender equality with the participants.

Finally, each partner carried out a diagnosis and definition of the specific learning needs of professionals in the field of sport in their country. All the data gathered throughout this local activities I phase, was used to create the material for the Online Training Course and futire activities in the framewoek of this project.

In some cases, due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the activities were delayed and/or carried on online (specially the meetings with stakeholders), but all partner countries carried out this entire first phase of local activities successfully!



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