Sport for Gender Equity” is a 12 months Small Collaborative Partnership project that involves five organizations from different European countries (Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain), whose aim is to promote gender equity and women empowerment through sport that is used as a tool for participation and social transformation.

Main objectives:

  • To improve key competences of professionals in the field of sport for developing activities and/or projects that contribute to gender equality and to fight against gender violence;
  • To generate a space for reflection on parameters, behaviours and attitudes that we have derived from the patriarchal society;
  • To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies and develop new educational tools among organizations and professionals from five European countries;
  • To create an international network of organizations that work with sport as a socioeducational tool for justice, social transformation, inclusion, equality and comprehensive development.

Main Activities:

  • Transnational Coordination Meeting in Ireland: to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
  • Local Activities I: situation of women in each area/country and sport as a tool for equality and social transformation. Identification of good practices. Meetings with stakeholders. Learning needs.
  • Seminar in Poland: a 4-days meeting/seminar about sport and gender equality.
  • Local Activities II: two workshops with local population and one sport event for make the project visible.
  • Creation of the eBook and video of the project;
  • Final Conference in Spain: presentation of project results and evaluation between partner organizations.

We consider that this project has an impact on participants (new skills acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), organizations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, better quality of work, etc.) and on society (increased awarenss on gender equity, new tools more connected with social issues, multiplier effect, etc.).