The second international activity of this project was a transnational coordination meeting/seminar that took place in Malaga (Spain) from 23rd-26th July 2021, with the 23rd of July as arrival day and the 26th July 2021 departure day.  Participants for this meeting were three members per partner organisation that had carried out the OTC.

Objectives of the seminar:

    • To validate and evaluate the acquired competences by the participants during the OTC.
    • To validate and evaluate the workshops created during the OTC and applied during the second phase of local activities.
    • Strengthen networks between organisations in the 5 partner countries that work with sport as a tool for gender equity.
    • To prepare the Final Conference.

As the project was based on the framework of non-formal education, the seminar content has been worked on a dynamic and entertaining way through “learning by doing”, which emphasised on the active participation of all actors. The facilitators gave some inputs, but the knowledge came from the own knowledge and shared experiences of participants, trough small groups activities, role-playings, dynamics, learning games, visits, events of visibility, etc.

The seminar began with a session dedicated to presentations, where participants introduced themselves, as well as partner organisations, and explained their role and responsibilities in the entity. This was the first project mobility post COVID-19 pandemic and the first time travelling post pandemic travel restrictions for many of the participants. Afterwards, the OTC was presented, including the methodology used and its results according to several evaluation tools. The participants presented their own results from their local validation activities carried out during the second phase of local activities with local volunteers.

During the Seminar we carried out a visibility activity outside of AIIJ headquarters. For this, we created as a group a dance incorporating different sports moves that made each participant feel strong and empowered. It was also filmed and later shared in the partners’ social media accounts.

The last day of the seminar, we started with reflection about key competences and learning process, followed by a group workshop to validate their acquired competences throughout the project. The seminar ended with the evaluation session, where participants could learn different techniques and ways for evaluating activities, workshops or classes. After tabulating all the results, it was concluded that all participants improved their competences, appreciated the methodology based on non-formal education and they think that the OTC and training manual will be very useful for their personal and professional future.


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