Last week we finished the OTC and had a group evaluation session online with all the participants!

As we mentioned in our previous post, the training was a four-week online training carried out remotely,  divided in 4 modules. We estimated an amount of time per module but the amount of hours spent on each module per week was very flexible depending on how long it took the participant to carry out/finish the tasks of each module.

Each module consisted of a “Theory” section and a “Practical” section with some exercises and tasks to carry out as evaluation of each module. There was a designated hour every week for online questions and tutorials (if needed) with the trainers via digital platforms such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

At the beginning of week 4 all participants received a questionnaire to fill in before the final online group evaluation, and by the end of week four (4), all participants uploaded all the finished tasks in order to receive the participation and competences certification for the online course.

The overall feedback for the OTC was very positive from all participants! Here are some words that the participants used to describe and summarize what the OTC meant for them!


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